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The picture says it all! Another great barrel at a reasonable price from the Barrel Superstore. These are selling in Atlanta now for $49 each. At local feed stores for $45!





You don't have to drive hours away to the boon docks to try and get a great deal. I will give you the best deal. Time is money! Give me a call. One call, that's all, for all your barrel and packaging needs.

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Always call before coming, we are not at the warehouse at all times and we sell out often. SC Sales Tax is not included.

Please call as we don't have time to check and answer emails, instant messages, and text messages due to being short staffed during this pandemic.

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Barrel Superstore
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Purchase online or order and pay at the warehouse. Please order online. Delivery options available. Call if you need large quantities.

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Are all blue plastic barrels food grade? ›

Black barrels are generally not food-grade. Most polyethylene drums are blue. And thus blue became the industry standard for food storage.

How can you tell if a plastic barrel is food grade? ›

The easiest way to check is to look for the Resin Identification Code—i.e., recycling number—which identifies the type of plastic material. The code consists of a triangle of arrows surrounding a number between 1 and 7. Generally, numbers 1 through 7 indicate food grade plastic.

What are the blue barrels called? ›

A plastic drum is a spherical barrel moulded from industrial-grade plastic. They're commonly coloured blue for easy identification, and are designed for storage and/or transport of industrial goods. Plastic drums are produced from a material known as HDPE, which stands for High-Density Polyethylene.

What type of plastic are blue barrels? ›

HOW ARE BLUE PLASTIC DRUMS MADE? Blue plastic drums are manufactured using a particular type of plastic, known as HDPE or high-density polyethylene. Barrels and drums have been used for centuries for storage and transport.

Are blue barrels food safe? ›

While blue plastic barrels are food-grade, chemicals can leach into the plastic over time and taint any food being stored. Equally, barrels should be used to store one type of chemical only to avoid any cross-contamination.

What is the difference between plastic and food grade plastic? ›

Food grade plastic is plastic material deemed safe for use with foods. Plastic must meet strict requirements in order to be considered food safe, and is regulated by higher standards than plastic used for other purposes.

Are all #2 plastics food grade? ›

What Plastic Numbers Are Safe for Food Storage? Safe plastic numbers include 2, 4, and 5. These containers can store food without any toxic chemicals infiltrating. These include the materials HDPE, LDPE, and PP.

What is the difference between blue and white plastic barrels? ›

There are only slight differences between the colours, such as white barrels showing how much water is in them better, and blue barrels growing less algae.

What is the difference between food grade and non food grade barrels? ›

The designation of Food Grade on a drum means the packaging has been determined as safe for long-term storage of foodstuffs. The plastic has been tested and determined to have no harmful dyes, no recycled plastic containing leachable chemicals or any of substances that could be harmful to humans.

Are blue barrels safe for water? ›

We carefully vet our barrel sources to ensure our barrels won't cause harm when used for garden irrigation and other non-potable uses. It is safe to irrigate edible plants, but not safe to drink stored rain water directly.

What makes a barrel food grade? ›

A food grade barrel (or drum) is one that has been designated as safe for the long-term storage of foodstuffs. It has been tested thoroughly to confirm that there are no substances that could be harmful to humans. This means there are no dangerous dyes, and no recycled plastic containing leachable chemicals.

What are the sizes of blue barrels? ›

Colour: Blue as standard. No handles. Manufactured from specific food-grade material. Containers supplied with threaded bung closure.
We supply open top drums in four sizes:
  • 220 litre open top plastic drums.
  • 120 litre open top plastic drums.
  • 60 litre open top plastic drums.
  • 30 litre open top plastic drums.

How do you clean a blue plastic barrel? ›

Water-based cleaning solvents are the best choice when you're cleaning chemicals from plastic barrels. They have a lower chance of reacting chemically with the residue of substances you're cleaning. The water-based solvent dissolves the chemicals and other contaminants, safely removing the substances from the barrel.

What is the price of blue water barrel? ›

Blue Plastic Water Barrels, Capacity: 200-250 Litres at Rs 600/piece in Vapi.

Are food grade barrels BPA free? ›

Rain barrels are food grade, UV protected and BPA free. Olives, capers and sometimes peppers are stored and cured in these drums.

How long do blue water barrels last? ›

Water is the #1 emergency supply to have. This drinking water barrel can store up to 55 gallons of emergency water for 5 years (when used with water preserver concentrate).

How can you tell if a bucket is food grade? ›

On the bottom of the bucket, there should be a recycling symbol, which also contains a recycling number between 1 and 7. This number will be stamped between a triangle of arrows. Generally speaking, the numbers that denote food grade standards are 1, 2, 4, and 5.

What is the blue plastic in food? ›

Food Grade Acetal is one of the first plastics marketed with a blue color. Blue is most often used in the food industry for its high visibility which is extremely helpful in the identification of plastic contamination in food.

What plastic should you avoid in food? ›

Avoid products made from polystyrene (PS #6).

Found in styrofoam food trays, disposable cups and bowls, carry-out containers, and opaque plastic cutlery, polystyrene can leach styrene, a neurotoxin and possible carcinogen.

What plastic symbol is food grade? ›

Plastic Number

Generally, food grade plastics will be labeled with either 1, 2, 4, or 5. These refer to polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), and polypropylene (PP), respectively.

What is the safest food grade plastic? ›

While it's always important to follow specific guidelines related to food storage, temperature and recycling, the following plastics are generally very safe for food contact.
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) ...
  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) ...
  • Polycarbonate (PC) ...
  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) ...
  • Polypropylene (PP)

How do you know what grade plastic you have? ›

How can I easily identify a plastic?
  1. Polyethylene (PE) - Drips, smells like candlewax.
  2. Polypropylene (PP) - Drips, smells mostly of dirty engine oil and undertones of candlewax.
  3. Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA, "Perspex") - Bubbles, crackles, sweet aromatic smell.

Are garbage bags food grade plastic? ›

No. The use of plastic trash bags for food storage or cooking is not recommended because they are not food-grade plastic and chemicals from them may be absorbed into the food.

What is the difference between food grade buckets and regular buckets? ›

Food grade buckets are manufactured with release agents that are safe and non-toxic. Regular buckets may be manufactured with release agents that leave toxic residue that, while safe for incidental contact, is not safe for storing food.

Why is it called a blue barrel? ›

Standard Oil began manufacturing 42 gallon barrels that were blue to be used for transporting petroleum. The use of a blue barrel, abbreviated "bbl," guaranteed a buyer that this was a 42-gallon barrel.

Can you stack blue water barrels? ›

Barrels can be stacked to maximize space, but with each barrel weighing upwards of 500 lbs when full, it's not feasible to support the weight of one barrel directly on another.

What does barrel color mean? ›

Engine gray or unpainted – Standard steel cylinder barrels. Orange stripe – Chrome-plated cylinder barrels. Blue stripe – Nitride-hardened cylinder barrels. Green stripe* – Steel cylinder 0.010 oversize. Yellow stripe* – Steel cylinder 0.020 oversize.

Is food grade plastic better than non food grade? ›

Food grade plastic must meet certain standards of purity. It cannot contain dyes, other additives or recycled plastic products deemed harmful to humans. Food grade plastic can contain some levels of recycled materials as long as those materials fit the guidelines and regulations outlined by the regulatory agency.

What is grade A vs grade B food? ›

Grade A: Top quality in tenderness, flavor, appearance, and uniformity. They make the most attractive servings for special luncheons or dinners. Grade B: Very good quality, slightly more mature and not quite as tender as Grade A vegetables.

Does food grade mean safe to eat? ›

What is food grade? Food grade means that the material is either safe for human consumption or it is okay to come into direct contact with food products.

Can you drink rain water from a rain barrel? ›

To lower your risk of getting sick, consider using rainwater only for uses such as watering plants that you don't eat or washing items that are not used for cooking or eating. Avoid using rainwater for drinking, cooking, brushing your teeth, or rinsing or watering plants that you intend to eat.

How long can water be stored in food-grade plastic containers? ›

Observe the expiration date for store-bought water. If you are filling containers with water to store, replace the water every 6 months.

Does my rain barrel need to be food-grade? ›

Only use food-grade barrels. Avoid collecting rainwater from roofs that have been treated with chemicals (ie. moss killers, zinc strips, etc.). Never use your rain barrel water for drinking or washing.

How many gallons are food grade barrels? ›

UN-DOT Certified All New Water Barrels are available in 15 gal, 30 gal, and 55 gal sizes.

What is considered to be the most desirable barrel material? ›

The most popular kind of barrel material is chrome-moly steel, specifically 4150 chrome-moly steel. This is what is typically found in mil-spec firearms.

How many gallons of water are in a blue barrel? ›

55 Gallon Blue Water Barrel | Solid Mold |2 Inch Bung Holes , Good for Long Term Drinking Water Use | BPA Free.

How much does a full blue barrel weigh? ›

The weight of a 55 gallon drum can range from 22 lbs. to 44 lbs. or more.

What is the capacity of blue plastic drum? ›

Blue Plastic Drum, Capacity: 210 Litres
Storage MaterialWater
Capacity210 Litres
Closure TypeTight Head

Does hydrogen peroxide remove color from plastic? ›

Hydrogen Peroxide

Used in the same way as lemon juice and placed in a sunny spot, that yellow color that comes with age for many well-used plastic products will fade away, if you give it enough time.

How long can you store water in plastic barrels? ›

Realistically, if you're storing the water for your own purposes and not in a commercial capacity, you can keep it in the plastic barrel for longer than six months – years even – without rotation. It's good practice to change it when you can though, to keep it fresh and to avoid contamination.

How do you keep water fresh in a barrel? ›

Tips for Storing Water in a 55-Gallon Plastic Barrel
  1. Select a quality food grade plastic barrel.
  2. Clean and disinfect the barrel.
  3. Add water using a potable water hose.
  4. Add disinfectant if needed.
  5. Store barrel in an appropriate location.

Can you drink barrel water? ›

Like water from a rain barrel, this non-potable water is good for plants and for some applications in the home, but not for drinking or cooking.

How much weight can a blue barrel hold in water? ›

Each 55 gallon barrel will float approximately 450 pounds, BUT that is when the barrel is 99% submerged. If you only want half of the barrel in the water, cut that 450 figure in half.

Are blue barrels bear proof? ›

Neither pails or the Blue barrels are bear proof !

Are blue 55 gallon drums food safe? ›

You can count on our plastic 55 gallon drums to be safe for your products. Many of the plastic barrels we offer are FDA and USDA compliant, as well as BPA free to be toxin free and food grade.

Are blue barrels BPA free? ›

All barrels that come through BlueBarrel's participating barrel suppliers are made of UN-rated HDPE food-grade plastic, and yes, they are BPA free. These are the internationally-approved vessels for safe and secure shipping of food-grade liquids worldwide.

Are all 5 gallon plastic buckets food grade? ›

Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should—many 5 gallon buckets are made out of food grade plastics, but not all of them. If the bucket that you want to store food in doesn't have the proper code on it, then you should not store food in it.

What plastic grades are food safe? ›

Plastic containers come with a food-grade rating on the bottom that ranges from 1 to 7. This gives consumers an idea of how safe they are for storing their food. Plastic grades 2, 4, and 5 are the safest for food storage. Using these plastics to store food will prevent accidental toxin ingestion.

Can you store gas in blue barrels? ›

The short answer is that no, you shouldn't store gasoline or any other fuel in a plastic drum.

What is the best drum to store food? ›

Steel drums can find excellent use as food-grade metal barrels that are well suited to safely storing food and beverage products.

What are 30 gallon drums used for? ›

30 Gallon Steel Drums

The Skolnik 30 Gallon Steel Drum is an excellent choice for packaging wine, syrup, pharmaceuticals, and many other products. It promotes additional mobility because of its small size and provides more options for shipping smaller product quantities.

How long can you store water in food grade barrels? ›

Realistically, if you're storing the water for your own purposes and not in a commercial capacity, you can keep it in the plastic barrel for longer than six months – years even – without rotation. It's good practice to change it when you can though, to keep it fresh and to avoid contamination.

Can I use a Home Depot bucket to brine? ›

Note that the popular 5-gallon orange Homer Bucket from The Home Depot is not food safe and should not be used for brining. The Home Depot website says, “The buckets are not food grade.”

Can you store water in food grade buckets? ›

FDA-approved food-grade storage containers will not transfer toxic substances into the water. They can be found at surplus or camping supply stores. Contact the storage container manufacturer if you are not sure whether the container is food-grade.

What is the difference between food grade and non food grade plastic barrels? ›

A food grade barrel (or drum) is one that has been designated as safe for the long-term storage of foodstuffs. It has been tested thoroughly to confirm that there are no substances that could be harmful to humans. This means there are no dangerous dyes, and no recycled plastic containing leachable chemicals.

What types of plastic should you avoid? ›

Avoid products made from polystyrene (PS #6).

Found in styrofoam food trays, disposable cups and bowls, carry-out containers, and opaque plastic cutlery, polystyrene can leach styrene, a neurotoxin and possible carcinogen.

What does the food grade plastic symbol mean? ›

The international symbol for "food safe" material is a wine glass and a fork symbol. The symbol indicates that the material used in the product is considered safe for food contact. This includes food and water containers, packaging materials, cutlery etc.

Which plastic is safe for drinking water? ›

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is another plastic bottled water packaging material that FDA has approved as safe for food contact.


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